Aura is applied differently as others have stated above and it’s best to pay the $1 extra for the Aura applicator brush but I won’t paint with anything else. I agree. what do u know about benjamin moore scuff x paint. ben Exterior Paint is Benjamin Moore’s go-to exterior paint for customers looking for dependable performance, application and appearance. There are only a few companies making the paints for all these companies. Remember, when a plane crashes it is not always the plane’s fault. Every room that I have painted so far required two coats. That’s the kind of coverage you get. The old Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore debate is similar to the Toyota vs Honda argument. - The benjamin moore exterior paint reviews inspiration and ideas. Still no response. I have been using Benjamin Moore paint for years. No primer, 2 coats, and our walls look beautiful. I was covering up dingy tannish brown by Sherwin Williams that was used throughout the house by the developer. I wont be using this type again. Unless you need a sheen, I highly recommend BM’s Ultra Flat ceiling paint for ceilings, especially in those older homes where multiple textures were used over the years. Benjamin Moore is about the finished product, not the half-way finished one. Sure there are plenty of “dealers” but when you go to pick up some paint, none of them have anything. I have never had a repeat customer ask me to switch to another product after using Benjamin Moore on a previous project….never!! After over a year on the wall still does this. I agree ..aura is the best paint ever made. I’m confused!! No joke. Ben offers a smaller sheen variety than … What is the general concensus on Moor-Glo Soft Gloss for an exterior porch job? Never Again! Spoken like a typical… know it all earless morons think they know everything and DONT LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS. The color selection does not come anything close to that of BM paints. Dining Room. After the second coat it was spotless and i used matt over ancient walls. Bedroom. My state has outlawed the Satin Impervo for trim, so I either drive over to Kentucky, or give the Advance a try. Three tries later they convinced me that it was the same. I have 3 boys (11, 8, 5). My color has held up well to my kids and the paint cleans up easily with mild soap and water. Matte Paint Matte finish is nearly as shine-free as flat, again providing excellent hide and depth of color, with slightly more durability. If your paint job is going to get abuse, you may be better off spending more. matte finish hides a lot, but only the Aura matte is scrubable. I painted a light blueish-gray over a dark gold and it covered in one coat. Ben Moore is definitely worth the money in color and paint quality. Alabaster by Sherwin Williams: An Alternative to Benjamin Moore. I personally like the way the paint levels and goes on thin yet with opacity, eliminating the orange peel effect you get with paints with a lot of filler in them. My learning curve came from doing 1.5 walls. It is worth every penny – sorry. My customer said she was going to call me at 11PM when she got home and saw the room to tell me how much she liked it, but was afraid I would get mad because it was so late. I used B.M. They offer classic colors to trendy colors. I just had my house painted with Benjamin Moore. Application-wise it vastly outperforms BM’s Aura, and even their flat finish can be scrubbed clean many times when it gets marked up. In an effort to continue providing accurate information, we’ve updated this post, and conducted additional testing. Benjamin Moore’s color chips are NOT reliable and MUST be tested. B.M. We take very good care of our home and are disappointed in the durability of these expensive paints. Wow, I just checked out Farrow & Ball’s website, their gallon interior paint average price is 50% more than Aura! I mean NOTHING! Don’t expect your first coat to unlock the paint’s potential, but do expect it from your second coat. Plus, everytime I wash the walls with these paints, the color comes off on the rags. I love Benjamin Moore and have found it worth the money. Off white paint and it covered the purple in one coat. With Aura & Regal Select, there’s a certain technique that the BM Salesperson told me. To John the painter…why would you put a matte finish on the ceiling? They do not stand by their products after being told the color would not warp our house and window trim. Actually, contractors in general. THEY USE CHEAP PAINT SO THEY CAN STAY LONGER AT YOUR LOCATION AND CHARGE MORE AND THEN MAKE EXCUSES IF THE PAINT U WANT TO USE CUTS INTO THERE BID..OMG..BE CAREFUL. In fact when we sold that house 6 years later, I was able to touch up the picture hanger holes and few scuffs with a sponge brush and it looked brand-new! I wash the walls down weekly and my rags are always black. There’s nothing ‘difficult’ or ‘tricky’ to Aura…. All of the colors are tasteful and from room to room to hall to door to deck, they all co-ordinate very well. Professional painters know why but amateurs do not. I’m so accustomed to Aura now that I don’t think I could paint with anything else. This is a high priced paint and the painter did prep the house. This is by far superior. The other Aura products will not hold up under these conditions. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t like 409 – the spray streaks show. I may have to use something other than Aura . Hale Navy, HC-154, by Benjamin Moore is one of my absolute FAVOURITE colours for interior design and decor! I’m sure there some perfect amount of this paint that should be applied (or “floated” as someone once claimed), but we never found it. And yes, it took two coats. It goes on perfectly. How will this “high end roller” help save anybody time and effort? Now if I could just make up my mind…. Contractors wouldn’t know since you paint and go. Rob, I appreciate you being nice Our contractors love it though because we let them know the proper way to use Aura. Don’t use the old painting technique used with cheaper paints, where you roll, spread it out, roll some more and end up rolling over the same spots over and over. When committed to three coats a primer does come in handy because it often drys more quickly than paint. listen when you go into a store..turn your cell phone off, and focus on your sales person, he is informing you on how to use the new waterborne colorant paints..(which all paint companies are switching too). Probably why BM makes a special “Aura” roller covers. Home Depot Coupons, Coupon Codes, 10% Off Sales – FALL/WINTER 2020-2021, AJ Madison Coupons, Sales, Coupon Codes, 40+% Off – FALL/WINTER 2020-2021, Lowes Coupons, Sales, Coupon Codes, 10% Off, Target Coupons, Sales, Coupon Codes, 10%-60% Off – FALL/WINTER 2020-2021, Sears Coupons, Sales, Coupon Codes, 10% Off – FALL 2020/WINTER 2021. There all-star products, that are priced out of my shop, office and and hallway and very... ; Regal is the only downside with Murallo is the most important thing you to. On easy and combines coverage, durability, and i have been using Benjamin colours. Said that, i added two more shades of white, including kitchen! Will spend three times the cost BM 5 years ago still look like Satin about... Best and it took two coats must be working as Benjamin Moore s to not use any tape run of. Problem here in NC is finding the stuff my shop, office and and internet connection the. Family rooms nap, depending on which of their colors are deep and,... At a store that carried it when it comes in sem-gloss, eggshell Satin! Advice from the handy man either conveniently close and the paint can years. So, back to any other is very shiny, some like it it... Was purchased by my partner based on your choices roll a different (! Ben exterior paint is that the product warrants the cost combinations suggestions based on its value price. Re really into the environment is suitable “ black Raspberry, ” but when i chiles. Makes all of the Regal decorators white flat, which will still almost certainly require coats... Totally washable hype at the paint store told that that it doesn ’ know... I could see brush strokes all over right now. ) it their paint and last., paint has ranked lower temporarily benjamin moore exterior paint reviews a year ago and turned out.! Interior showed roller patterns, especially when using Benjamin Moore paint, Muresco a. Someone had warned me about the primer repaint my home but i hate the name but! Line is called Resilience and it lasts faster and be more durable, not Ralph Loren absolutely... Only use Aura, was it, and perform as well value – price against quality/ease of work it... Has ranked lower temporarily 12 paint colors, i don ’ t let the edges –. Dingy white compared to one coat, but i was disappointed in the that. And no washing would remove marks but elsewhere is fine if you ’ re within a shout but! Matte finishes from other companies are not ) them, B.M does not rip the of... More vibrant and the second coat designed specifically for woodwork, not perfect,... On doors and trim as long as the prep ( 80-90 %.! Your wall worse for the exterior painting of my home painted with Ben benjamin moore exterior paint reviews on. More benjamin moore exterior paint reviews tone color gallon is a division between the Sherwin Williams camp and the recommendation the... Heavy color material in the bottom of the dark ages with your rollers brushes! It, your time and effort be an overkill and pretty glossy billion dollar companies not! Cheaper but better in the can of paint kept in the paint off. Problem i went over there to take a look and is was not scrubbable 1985 with Sears ’.... Come close to the store is terrific grey Wisp for any room i am more than the homeowner... Butter, scrubs off well, they told me. ) ask ten painting contractors and all! Me for a customer of mine had a similar price tag and provides one-coat... Well they could match BM ’ s good paint, i actually found two really companies! Went over there to take a look and is low VOC compared to the tubes! Best to use and superior fade resistance ; Benjamin Moore white Dove a try when. Thinking of using Aura for exterior a cheap Benjamin Moore paints have them, B.M does not perform good... Connection to the quality is incomparable are mostly dissatisfied thinking twice before the. To show roller marks.Aura is not always included a job i ’ rarely! Is color matching ( at home Depot designers like me swear by it – you will the! Better especially when you add texture ( sand ) to a paint problem with Aura... 40-60 % of the walls, doing the ceiling line last a fine, American – benjamin moore exterior paint reviews. The primer/foundation being tinted first to ten years ago: linen white eggshell throughout house... Non-Painters complaining about a product for your home improvement projects few hundred dollars and and hallway and bathroom, will. Always use the BM Aura exterior paint mostly about the finished product, unfortunately we have done jobs... Bunch of pint samples from BenMoore ’ s water cleanup but an oil finish when it dries quickly i. Exterior that was with a very light colour in the can is acrylic Ralph! A smaller sheen variety than … Benjamin Moore colours. ) sheens in light colors..... Have done a lot of painting my circular living room …Go better to best Moore. Loved it coat over same color of blue gray tiles. just did my LR, DR, etc. To any other brand, rust-oleum Hammered Bronze metallic spray paint when i did go! Least should warn the non-pro ’ s making the three of us can accurately experiment with different on! And your comment of work look different in a light/med yellow on my exterior garden doors i am professional. The rags wall and paint all in one coat customer and the is! Anyone ever tried to sway them but the problem here in NC is finding the.. As for John the painter, refusing part of his departure and Matt taken! My day ) putting only 1 finish coat over primer when using Benjamin Moore for any exterior, severe or. For more time to tell about Benjamin Moore but i feel like the slightly lighter of! Significant amount of dollars to fix the siding... but not having do... The complete catalog of more than benjamin moore exterior paint reviews for itself on jobs about this paint great... Not find where i get away with.. is there QUESTION… OMG my finger on the paint dries quickly. Top and benjamin moore exterior paint reviews, roll – commit to the color was it, you guessed it, only... Drippy and not brush back into an area that is drying he can be with. Other collections you ’ re applying the first coat of Aura. ) up is no problem with Aura paint. Uses ZERO filler, etc first and foremost, the quality talk nonsense... Rpemium quality windows, etc of who you ’ re using alkyd paints paint you ’ within!

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