Non-Turkish nationals with short-term Touristic Residence Permit ID Card and/or Foreigner Work Permit ID Card status in Turkey may lodge USA visa, UK visa, Australia visa, Canada visa, Schengen or European Union residence permit application and/if required to travel to other countries, at foreign Embassies or Consular missions in Turkey (as opposed to the long line-ups in their own country). Additionally, short term residence permit shall be I married a Turkish citizen this year, so now I want to change my ikamet to a 3 year family residence permit (aile ikameti). Residence permit renewal procedures Foreign nationals that have had a residence permit before are obliged to renew their residence permit before the expiry. My last residence permit expired on January 1, and I tried to start the renewal process online on December 31. Hello, You do not need to be residence permit holder to establish a company in Turkey. Citizenship Security Investigations for Granting Turkish Citizenship You will be issued a free document stating that your application for renewal is pending and that you are allowed to stay in Turkey until the decision has been made, even if your permit has expired by that date. I have been experiencing residence permit renewal woes, and wondering if anyone can help. 6458. Hi, my situation is a bit complicated: I have been in Turkey for two years on a student application which will end on Oct 26th. Go to the official website of Migration administration of Turkey (Göç İdare müdürlüğü) and scroll down untill you see the button E-ikamet: A: Necessary documents for residence permit application are; residence permit application form, the title deed of your property in Turkey, location information of the property from the local municipality, health insurance policy, four portrait photos, passport, and police clearance certificate. What the form on the e-randevu system says you must bring: The form; 4 passport photos; Photocopy of passport details page and last entry to Turkey page; Evidence of $300 per month (so $3600 for the one year visa) The system gave me an application number … This is the real story of the steps involved in renewing a Turkish residence permit. 2-Renewing or Extending Residence Permits: a- Foreigners willing to renew or extend their residence permits in Turkey have to apply to the security authorities within 15 days as of the expiration date in person or indirectly to do so. Foreigners can establish a business with minimum paid capital of 10.000 TL, however to obtain work permit as company owner/shareholder paid capital must be at least 100.000 TL and there must be 5 Turkish employees per each foreigner in the company. If you want to renew your residence permit, you have to do so at the local authorities, 60 days before the permit expires. Detailed guidance about using new online system to renew your existing Residence permit (ikamet): 1. The first activity of “the Harmonization – Just Us Conversations” organizedby the Harmonization and Communication Department of our General Directorate with the cooperation The Conditions For Turkish Residence Permit Renewal Law have changed! To apply for a short-term residence permit, foreigners who own real estate in Turkey or intend to establish a business or business connections in Turkey must submit the following documents to the relevant Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration (Göç İdaresi) once an application is submitted through the e-residence system. ... Foreign nationals that wish to reside in a dwelling bought in Turkey may get a residence permit up to one year. Click for further details on residence permit renewal procedures. A Guide To Renewing A Turkish Residence Permit. Short term residence permit shall be regulated by Articles 31-33 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No.