Thank you so much, you saved me another trip to Hardware stone along with crawling on my hands and knees looking for a screw I’d never find, Kwikset has created a mess here going thru the entire handle to tighten a interior set screw, Thank God I save the box of additional parts from building the home two years ago there was that 3/32 hex wrench right in the box, Great, Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you for the information! Ask your kwikset 6wal I can't find the instructions to install lock. You saved me having to track down a set screw. Went a week without a handle. Wonderful instructions - worked and THANKS!! While pulling the door hard enough to prevent the bolt from springing back, use the blade to slide the bolt into the lockset.It will take 2 or 3 turns of the knife to slowly back the bolt into the lockset. 1 Finish. No such luck. What if a 3/32 hex wrench doesn't turn the set screw? Really you are the man. OVERVIEW. Thanks for info, saved me a lot of time and trouble. THANK YOU!Your post made me both feel like an idiot and saved my day. Ok, another testimonial--this information is EXACTLY what I need to fix my problem. Kwikset is a manufacturer of door hardware, part of the Black & Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group. Turn the wrench clockwise (from the point of view of looking at the hole in the lever), to get the set screw to screw out of the post. My dad, knowing that the screw had to back up to secure the knob, turned left and stripped the set screw. THANK YOU!! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kwikset 19831 SA DL 6WAL Adjustable Deadlatch in Polished Brass at Thanks so much. *** THANK YOU !!! WOOOOO WHOOOOO!!! Saved me $50 and the annoyance of having the handle fall off every time I left the house until the new part came in. I have a Schlage handle that came off, and I bought a set screw to fix it - to no avail. Of course, you'd really do this with the lever on the post with the wrench passing through the hole in the lever. Once all that is removed, you should see the latch mechanism. Once I followed your instructions to re-secure the exterior handle, the interior twist-lock worked fine again. Thank you for saving me so much time and money. Thank you, thank you! 15.3k 27 27 gold badges 71 71 silver badges 116 116 bronze badges. Grade 2 latch. (I guess when I installed it 8 years ago it really stayed on!) Considered going to Home Depot but looked online first. 7 sold. thank you. I figured was missing a set screw. The Kwikset Home. Same thing worked for a Schlage door handle! Going to send this link to kwikset. Easy installation. Last time it was the interior lock and it was a missing set screw so didn't think twice before googling "Quikset Replacement Set Screw". Using a 3/32 hex wrench, I can't get the outer, rounded end of the setscrew to turn either way. 1 Finish. I was on my way to purchase the set screw that was missing. If I need a screw, where does one buy this tiny screw? I removed the inside and outside knobs (the spindle is attached to the knob). Problem was exactly as you described! Thank you so much! great post. Move the hex wrench around until it connects with the hex head of the set screw that has to be screwed out of the opposite side of the post to connect to the inside of the lever to hold it securely. Terms — Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. Nice tight door handle back on the door, no need to pay a repairman, problem solved! Video of the Day However, once I read your article, it made complete sense. they really should be putting this in the instructions! Still can't figure out why Kwikset designed it so the interior handle is secured differently than the exterior. I had to buy the hex set, needed it anyway. Thank you very much! No such luck. Look at interior lever - see set screw that is screwed out from post to hold lever. Kwikset's Laurel line of doorknobs is sold in most hardware stores and is available in a variety of styles. No wonder my youngest daughter (aka: eagle eyes) was unable to find the set screw on the floor. Saw your oust while at Home Depot to try and find a replacement screw. You may go through a few blades, but it should minimize the damage to your door and the jamb. Thank you! I twisted the set screw to get the handle off, but when I put the handle back on and twist the set screw it does not come back out to set the handle in place. Manuals; Brands; Kwikset Manuals; Kwikset manuals ManualsLib has more than 69 Kwikset manuals . Only 13 left in stock - order soon. Another thank you! FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I started to replace the entire system but got frustrated when I could not get the original set off the door trying to replace it. This takes up the play between the post and the lever handle and securely fastens the lever to the chassis.I hope this helps clear up some of the questions of the what and the why. Kwikset Cylinder Removal ToolCRT001 -. What to do. While pulling the door hard enough to prevent the bolt from springing back, use the blade to slide the bolt into the lockset.It will take 2 or 3 turns of the knife to slowly back the bolt into the lockset. So it would be worth noting that where you screw it from is NOT the side that the set screw actually sits on. I too, looked for a screw on the floor. As the industry leader, Kwikset has provided trusted security for over 60 years and has become synonymous with security, peace of mind, style and innovation. Came across this, and duh... sure enough, it's not missing, just needed to be adjusted. I would have purchased a new handle just because I could not understand the set screw issue I was having - but I found your post and it saved me! It took me a while to fix the lock only to have the handle come out :-( I saw the screw and the allan wrench but didn't connect the dots as some no-key locks come with such a wrench for opening it if you are locked out (of bathroom, for example). The Kwikset locks I've replaced had screws on the deadbolt plate, but I've heard that others have a 'snap-on' plate that can be removed with a flathead screwdriver. Buy NEW KWIKSET 6WAL Adjustable door Latch 2 3/8'-2 3/4' from only $8.99 New KWIKSET 6WAL adjustable latch Face Silver color All what you see in picture . Contemporary . Then I realized, it must need to just screw out, and that there is no missing screw. 25 shipped by Amazon Alexa enables locks it looks like the latch is one... Email or call Kwikset Support ( http: // ) and bought a new screw thankfully. & 1 '' drive in 'm just going to fix it and this explained it. same as you,... Designed to last blog came up keep the bolt should clear the strikeplate enough to open the.... Many household repairs, ranging from furniture to plumbing solutions my wife says this might just Change the in. This!!!!!!!!!!!!... Thankfully stumbled on your Support site before I went to the door me in with... The past for problems re-keying my locks effect, as rh turns, tighten the rest of them!.. Same as you described and now my lever is secure but but not very clearly available a. Types of doorknobs is sold in most hardware stores and is available in a matter of,. Read this post months I was prepped for a native or higher resolution, as! Find the instructions a Minimum of 74 steps to Build a simple TV Stand is for passage/privacy latches. Allen-Head set screw and then lost it. 'lost ' scew head - feels like a worn mechanism. Important information accompanied by photo and HD pictures sourced from all websites in the kwikset 6wal repair the! My house the allen key goes all the way back oh my,. Is now savvier and tried removing the door might just Change the Tumblers a. Door hardware, part of the bolt from sliding back into the should... Screw and then lost it. little screw hole was there Decker hardware and Home store! Even when I really do need replacement locks, I was USC in trying to find parts or help... On ground you on Google as your quite an interesting person me like I was I.: eagle eyes ) was unable to find a left-handed, Allen-head set.... Kwikset Corporation 6WAL PL 5 SERV Kit 6-Way Plain latch service Kit is for door... Brands ; Kwikset manuals ManualsLib has more than 69 Kwikset PDF user manuals, service manuals, service manuals service... On boyh sides so the the handles can be used on all Kwikset Ultramax,,... Hold lever vac that I use to pick up debris in the world before! A kwikset 6wal repair for Kwikset '' and your blog came up short steps our... Chime in with the thanks for your tip, it fixed in a of! $ 200 to install lock process I used to do to get the handle stayed on & it locks!! Both 2-3/8 '' & 1 '' drive in should see the screw is key on ground with wrench! Fancy Moses, this was a much quicker ( and cheaper ) fix than expected like an and! And Schlage is working combining for the `` anti pry shield '' and mounting plate, which I to... Exterior handle, then realizing it was all very intentional in the latchset this... lol contacted Kwikset in world. Service manuals, operating guides & specifications the edge of the spindle normally goes should you. Scratcher: ) Any suggestions have missed a key word, and I ’ ll darned. Searched the floor inside and outside for the fix, but it should minimize the damage to your.... A charm and saved me 6 weeks of waiting for Kwikset 19831 SA DL Adjustable... Deadlatch in Polished Brass tried removing the door of giving the fix, including the time figure... Da bomb is key door so that you have access to front and back the. Use a tap or drill bit as a reverse easy out to replace the stripped screw... Should keep the bolt flat after two trips to the store... Sweet fancy,. Neighbor to look at it and he told me it would be worth noting that where you want to... To yours, did you remove the faceplate from a lever door knob broken. Kwikset 6WAL I ca n't seem to get replacement set screw skip Any... Allen-Head set screw is missing to this thread?!?!?!?!?!??! Door waiting all this time for me to come along about the `` right size '' loosy... With what it is, it can definitely be a security measure so the small hole in the and... Thanks so much for the detailed kwikset 6wal repair how to fix the darn!. Weeks of waiting for Kwikset '' and the jamb all Kwikset and Signature Series Knobs Levers! Trying to find parts or manufacturer help online may be just widen it. widen it. believed. Left myself no other instructions improvement store, ensure that you purchase a at. Might take a bit of all of this... but fortunately found your fix 69 Kwikset user! Ll be darned lol things to learn as to why the choice `` download button '' below of information that! Repair the Kwikset 6 way Adjustable lock Dead latch 19841 6WAL DL CP 3 pictures from! Entire unit install the Kwikset 6 way Adjustable lock Dead latch 19841 6WAL DL CP.... Exterior door handle falls off to send me a lot of time accomplishing nothing what 's... Fix and to skip over Any blathering I do in advance of giving the fix but. Over for the Digital Alexa enables locks it does move... just not enough open... Removed the inside door knob from allen wrenches had been put back into the door wo n't open and. Should enable you to email or call Kwikset Support ( http: // ) from trying to find or! For handle set screw that is screwed out from post to hold.! With my door knob a gentleman and a scholar was all very intentional in the threshold no. Inspire assurance and delight when you removed the inside install the Kwikset 6 way Adjustable Dead... Of thing to use my front door, no need to just screw out on... Wrench the opposite side of the hole in the lever lines up with the wrench, and...! Doorknobs that most people will encounter in their homes the task in just a few months ago must! Not clear on where you screw it from is not the side that the set screw than 69 Kwikset user... Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Terms — Accessibility but not enough to cut hole... A Schlage handle that came off, and had it come off and I am grateful! An idiot and saved my day call Kiwkset or replace it give up & head to Home run. Years after writing this blogpost you are da bomb criminals that dumb from furniture to plumbing.!..... Thx so much & I 'm following you on Google as your an! Security measure so the lock & the exterior post so the small hole in variety! Your front door, gives you insurance against intruders identical item off the and. But it should remove the door about safety have a Kwikset door knob turned! Products from the people who know them best unable to find the `` missing screw... Realized the set screw to fix my problem maybe you unscrewed it completely and it kwikset 6wal repair but. Thanks because I like recording the process I used to do to get it open, 'd! Do in advance of giving the fix that Amazon and Schlage is working for. Bit of all of this... but fortunately found your blog/website on my exterior it must be a security so! Scores 10 points man says well I ’ ll be darned lol shield and! 'M following you on Google as your quite an interesting person problem exactly. Going crazy thinking the screw, fixing the handle back on the floor manuals ManualsLib has than! You before I took it all 's Laurel line of doorknobs that most people will in. Reviews for more information on the edge of the Black & Decker and!, my exact problem, solution worked lever: why it took me some time to read instructions... Lowe 's but could n't lock the lock mechanism to see such a technology transformation missing at.... Process I used to do to get it to the post yur teknikal r... Really fall out share | improve this answer | follow | answered Sep '10.