Next, have someone help you flip the truck cap upside-down and lay it down gently on the blanket. Remove the BedRug from the box and read the installation instructions (pretty basic stuff). We placed the utility cap over the truck bed, used two clamps on the passenger side to secure it down, screwed in a bolt on the driver side, and called it a day. Designed for difficult, even most extreme challenges and to meet the needs of extraordinary people who appreciate nature and closeness to it. From tools and supplies to personal items, the tool box is a helpful addition and a very wise use of space. Off grid truck Camper DIY- How to Build - This video gives you a look at how I built my lightweight truck camper. ), If you have a tiny home and need a “guest/hangout space”, If you’re curious to know the supplies, time, and know-how needed to complete a minor renovation like this. You can click on any picture to see a full size image. To make this process easier, measure where the plank will be cut before installing on toolbox and use painters tape to make a straight line. mosquito net and blackout; Entrance door with safety lock, window incl. Attach the hook-sided VELCRO to a flat surface under the cigarette lighter port; attach the loop-sided VELCRO to the flat side of the power inverter. we tried our best to yank it out from under the bed rails without breaking or tearing it. Now, let it sit for 24-36 hours in a place where the screen won't be touched. But, without the rip-away screen we wouldn't be able to sit comfortably in our truck camper with the access door open.