My current cars are BMW X5 with BO and Maserati GT with Bose. Haven't heard the burmester yet . Man får 14 højttalere fordelt rundt om de fire sæder, inklusive en subwoofer, og det hele drives af i alt 710 watt forstærkere. A demo of the Burmester high end sound system that Porsche has to offer. It’s win-win, better audio, a bit of extra profit, and brand exposure for the audio company. Seit 1977 produziert Burmester Audiosysteme High End Geräte der absoluten Spitzenklasse. Does anyone have … The 12-speaker Bose … I wasn't impressed by the Harmon Kandon on the W221 compared to the Bose on the W220, especially at high volume and with lots of bass. burmester vs harman kardon . Bose however, I think is worth it and will definitely add to resale. At least Porsche realizes this and gives burmester as an alternative. burmester vs harman kardon- ը . I used to think it's a cliche, but this shows how strong advertising brainwashed even the most respected car manufacturers. I'm struggling to find any independent review of the high end Burmester sound system. Is it good enough to fork out the extra money ? Hi all, I just got the 2015 Panamera GTS love the car however not so much for the audio system it came with. Meanwhile, the top level of Burmester sound systems comes on the S-Class, and it is a High-End 3D-Surround system that has 24 high-performance speakers and 24 separate amplifier channels. Pristillægget er ca. It is hard to deny there is too much road noise in a 911 to really justify Burmester. 9.000 kroner. Pred desiatimi rokmi by som povedal, že ktokoľvek má Bose, choď na to! Basically, Bose car audio systems always sound good, and unlike some other choices, they do it without requiring 1,000-watt outputs (the Panaray setup doesn't even get to 600). Similar to the Bang and Olufsen 3D system in the Audi Q7, German hi-fi maker Burmester adds a dimension of height to music reproduction, partly by … Burmester wants to be the best sound system you can find in a car. Vastus 1: Selles kategoorias pole enam ühtegi selget võitjat. Burmester might not be a household name in the UK, but in Germany it’s synonymous with high-end hi-fi. Bose did a really good job on the w220. burmester vs harman kardon. Mercedes-Benz and Burmester. Det er perfekt til et godt anlæg, og ligesom med Panamera og andre Porsche-modeller kan man vælge imellem lyd fra Bose eller Burmester. Das verheißt Musikhören als unvergesslichen Kunstgenuss. Ada banyak peningkatan opsi audio premium yang ditawarkan … What might be a bit overkill is the Burmester High-End Surround Sound System priced at $5,290. Burmester has enjoyed a similar relationship with Mercedes-Benz since 2009. burmester vs harman kardon. Save Share. Jawaban 1: Tidak ada pemenang yang jelas dalam kategori ini lagi, satu dekade yang lalu saya akan mengatakan siapa pun yang memiliki Bose, lakukanlah! Like comment subscribe. Adam B. Bose er ikke mere normen, hvert brand har sit samarbejde med forskellige leverandører og uden at gå ind i dybe akustiske specifikationer. burmester vs harman kardon. But when it’s a pairing of two storied companies like Porsche and Burmester, color me interested. There are NO clear winners in this category anymore, a decade ago I would’ve said whosoever has a Bose, go for it! Top International Audio Brands for Your Luxury Car Audiophiles need music to accompany them everywhere they go. The Bose Surround Sound System costs $1,590, which doesn't sound unreasonable. If you're a music fan, you want your tunes to sound as good as possible in your car. Bose pole enam norm, iga bränd teeb koostööd erinevate müüjatega ja ilma sügavatesse akustilistesse kirjeldustesse laskumata. They cannot compromise with their music consumption or the quality of the equipment they use to listen to music. As of now the unique Burmester sound is also an attractive option for the new generation of the Porsche Carrera, the Cayman and the Boxster. Bose-anlægget er ret langt fra en rejseradio, hvad lydkvaliteten angår.