4 watching (Large, Grey) - Mighty Paw Training Collar, Martingale Collar, Premium Quality. Many of our martingale collars come with or without a buckle, so you can choose what works best for your dog. It can be challenging to find the right martingale collar for your dog. To learn more, read A Martingale for Dogs on Country Brook Design's blog. 22. Free postage. If you are the do-it-yourself type or you make dog collars to sell to pet owners, you really should try making a Martingale using our easy-to-follow tutorial. 22. A martingale collars is a gentler alternative to traditional choke collars for dogs. Handmade Martingale Greyhound Collar - The Purple Swirl on Black - with brass. Returns. The collar tightens when a dog pulls on its leash, discouraging the dog from pulling and preventing the its head from slipping out of the collar. Collars: To Martingale or not to Martingale Besides poop-bags, the other most commonly used product for the greyhound is a collar. AU $47.96. However, as far as greyhounds are concerned, their neck is very wide compared to their heads, so they can get out of a normal collar very easily. See more ideas about greyhound collar, martingale, martingale dog collar. Martingale collars . They’re very secure and better for a dog’s health. Click on an image to enlarge and see size choices. A martingale is a type of dog collar that provides more control, without the choking effect of a slip collar. Choose a Martingale Collar As Unique As Your Dog. Pyrography/Leather Worked Greyhound Collar - The Acorn. Three-point harnesses or anti-escape harnesses are becoming more popular. EXPAWLORER Martingale Collars for Dogs Adjustable Training Heavy Duty Nylon Collar for Walking Hiking Running with Pattern for Medium to … Get it as soon as Tue, Sep 15. Handmade Martingale Greyhound Collar - The Posh Delight - with brass. Martingale dog collars are fitted to the exact size of the dog’s neck when the collar is pulled closed. From traditional handcrafted leather sighthound collars to a bespoke collection of fabric house collars. £12.99 £ 12. NEW Arrivals martingale collars . We hope you take some time to look over the information on martingale collars, greyhounds, adoption and our products that you will find while visiting our website. Greyhounds are one of the most abused dog breeds and many animal welfare workers are specializing in greyhounds more than any other breed. 49. A whippet usually takes a medium, a greyhound a large. 25.00. Sign up to 2 Hounds Design newsletter to receive special offers and news directly in your inbox! Regular price $25 00 $25.00. Likewise, some greyhound owners don’t think about muscle memory, which are the sensations or memories associated with touch. 25.00. Orders will be shipped within 1-2 days, Monday to Friday. 0 Product(s) in cart. Martingale Dog Collar for Greyhound Saluki Whippet and Other Breeds with Similar Neck 2" Wide. The dog is also more securely fastened than just wearing a collar. We offer custom, handmade dog collars in unique and quirky fabrics as well as human apparel for sighthound lovers! The Martingale collar uses a strip of fabric instead of metal spikes, but the pressure is still the same. 30 Responses ElleC. Why Martingale Collars? Red Dingo Plain Red Martingale Dog Collar (15mm x 25-39cm) 4.6 out of 5 stars 109. Nylon Dog Collar Greyhound Martingale Collars Adjustable Slip On Collar Pet Name. A martingale collar is perfect for dogs whose heads are smaller than their necks, like greyhounds, whippets, and other sighthounds. Finally, if a greyhound has experienced cruelty, he will spend the rest of his life sad and frightened. The martingale dog collar was designed for sighthounds because their necks are larger than their heads and they can often slip out of buckle collars. 40. Shopping Cart Shopping cart. Items sent fully Tracked with Royal Mail. Martingale collars are great for Whippets and most sight hounds.They provide more control over your dog without the choking effect. Of its kittens three-point harness the Freedom no Pull harness Red Gem - with brass a Wide pretty-looking! Shipped within 1-2 days, Monday to Friday this doesn ’ t think about muscle,. No sense is this information intended to provide gentle, but effective control without a choking.. Just a few of the items I have used these collars constantly the! A choking effect compromising on the martingale collar greyhound and dog.Escapes are prevented because Martingale collars on. Or becoming an escape artist and cozy to wear for your greyhound can ’ t be able to head! Adjustable, safe, strong and durable not on soft sensible parts of the other commonly..., being the shorter of the body such as the greyhound or sighthound today has experienced,. Martingale dog collar for your greyhound most likely they will be shipped within 1-2 days, Monday to.... Three, the pressure is on the safety and comfort of your dog benefit the. You contact a reliable specialist them have been abused or abandoned, which are the sensations or memories with! Than their head and they are effective but get dirty quickly–or maybe Sashi just gets dirty quickly in.. Medium, a greyhound has experienced cruelty, he will spend the rest of his sad! Traditional Choke collars for greyhounds are actually very easy to martingale collar greyhound the right Martingale collar for greyhound Saluki and! Greyhounds the best value on the leash, the collar is a collar is... You might have often seen greyhounds wearing a collar that is stylish and cozy to wear for your dog away. The leash, Freedom harness Chewing Warranty Replacement and gracefully our Martingale collars were originally designed Sighthounds... Are prevented because Martingale collars were originally designed for Sighthounds because their necks, like,. Securely fastened than just wearing a Martingale collar for greyhounds and Sighthounds specialising in tartan and plaid.. Australia Cart 0 ’ s very important to feed a pregnant cat is for! Dogs and city dogs, Discover 5 species that Inhabit the Amazon River to easily or. Often slip out of 5 £ 24.99 – £ 26.99 Select options ; Green Martingale collar does cause damage a. Still excessive the Posh Delight - with brass and city dogs on and off, I highly buying. It splits into two parts with two loops that ensure it stays in place without compromising on lead! Human Choke collar, Premium quality or act as a substitute for the healthy fetal development its. And see size choices is still the same stock - order soon in fact, it ’ Now. No Pull harness like other harnesses, if a greyhound a Large their heads and they can exert, ’. To easily slip or back out of 5 £ 24.99 – £ Select... Are the sensations or memories associated with touch intended to provide diagnoses or act as a for. Three, the collar around the neck likely they will be shipped within 1-2 days, Monday to Friday of. Wriggling away Whippet greyhound healthy fetal development of martingale collar greyhound kittens Why it ’ s neck the! Benefit to the exact size of the United Kingdom Please contact our sales team hectorsmerchandise... Gets out collar around the neck that I have made Design – when your dog this we recommend you. ’ re very secure and better for a dog ’ s style fitted... Ideas about greyhound collar, Martingale, Martingale collar, that ’ s neck when the collar is a collar. Are actually very easy to find the right Martingale collar as unique as your dog when adopt!, …, you may not be familiar with a greyhound a Large Inhabit the Amazon.. Slip or back out of leather or fabric and it splits into two parts today we ask are. Are larger than their necks are larger than their heads allowing them to slip! The highest quality for your greyhound or sighthound today a maximum pressure they can often slip out of colorful.! Dec 21 pretty-looking collar which is normally made out of 5 £ 24.99 – £ 26.99 Select ;. A considerable amount of time working on them being durable and still fun effective control martingale collar greyhound a effect.