Artigo » Spirituality and Resilience in Trauma Victims

Abstract The way people process stressors is critical in determining whether or not
trauma will be experienced. Some clinical and neuroimaging findings suggest that
posttraumatic stress disorder patients experience difficulty in synthesizing the traumatic
experience in a comprehensive narrative. Religiousness and spirituality are
strongly based on a personal quest for understanding of questions about life and
meaning. Building narratives based on healthy perspectives may facilitate the integration
of traumatic sensorial fragments in a new cognitive synthesis, thus working to
decrease post-traumatic symptoms. Given the potential effects of spiritual and
religious beliefs on coping with traumatic events, the study of the role of spirituality
in fostering resilience in trauma survivors may advance our understanding of human
adaptation to trauma.
Keywords Religiousness Æ Spirituality Æ Resilience Æ Trauma Æ Stress Æ PTSD
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