If someone does enter your property, they are more likely to give them a friendly welcome and try to instigate a game with them than they are to scare them off. At the moment, no, they are far too friendly. Siberian Huskies have been known to sit by whilst intruders have helped themselves to household items. They are described as one of the smartest breeds in the world and can make fantastic guard dogs. They are extremely aware of all that is going on around them. This will impede any bugler, causing the robbery to take longer and increasing the likelihood of being caught.3) It will be impossible for an intruder to have an alibi. Definitely wouldn’t SELL them as a guard dog, but some do a find job of it.”, Response #6 | Argmjs: ⭐“We know when a stranger is around. Something that a good guard dog doesn’t typically suffer from. It’s just not in their nature to be aggressive towards people in general. Training Your Husky to be a Guard Dog Huskies are beautiful dogs that are also incredibly friendly, despite their wolfish appearance. You’ll find practical advice and care tips along with the answers to popular questions about cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters, and other pets. A Husky will loudly announce the arrival of... 2) It will certainly take a thief much longer to remove items from the home than planned. Your husky will sit back and think about what games they want to play, while you call the police.Huskies love the sound of their own voice, so much so I actually wrote an article on how to stop your husky from howling. Huskies lack many of the traits that are needed to make a good guard dog. Siberian Huskies are not very good when left alone in your home. They are loyal, fearless, strong and ever watchful. They are quick and eager to respond to commands but must be properly trained. As they are a beautiful blend of two major dog breeds, therefore they are all-rounder with countless qualities. ; Grooming - The Siberian Husky requires moderate grooming, but … As an old breed dating as far back, according to historians, to the Roman Empire, Rottweilers have also been used as herding dogs. So you've got your brand new husky puppy and you know that you're in for your fair share of sweeping up. Put up ‘Beware of The Dog’ notices on your fences – mention a ferocious breed. The DNA in this fur, if tested, will be able to prove that the intruder was in fact in this home and in contact with this dog.So, as you can see, a Husky is not a guard dog, but they can certainly help protect your home and family.”. Instead of just relying solely on my experience with my own husky mix, I decided to get the opinions of other husky owners too. By nature, they love to howl, yap, sing, and make a lot of noise whenever they can. Welcome to My Happy Husky :) I'm Harry, I have been a passionate dog owner for more than 22 years. Though Siberian Huskies have many of the traits described above, the important ones they lack are patience and trainability. Having this close-knit relationship with their pack and owners made them the company craving breed they are today.They love human interaction and make great family pets as they have such a strong sense of companionship. There is a great video on youtube showing you how you can teach your dog to bark on command and also be quiet on command. They will spend more time looking for an escape route than anything else. If you train any dog to protect you then it immediately becomes a liability. Report. German Shepherd – These are one of the best family guard dogs. They will give the intruder a loud welcoming, “Woo Woo!” and continue to make other “talking” noises to the newcomer and insist that the intruder engages in conversation. So, if it’s a guard dog you want then choose one of those mentioned above or another from the Guardian breeds. Is it fair to expect a dog to protect your home? Personal protection dog senior trainer Alaster Bly was a police dog handler in the UK prior to establishing K9 Protector as the leading family protection dog supplier in Europe. They are not a guardian breed as they lack natural aggression and they are notoriously difficult to train. Will you spend lots of time together? I also started it at the right moment. They can be a stubborn breed at times (err a lot of times) and they will most likely … The Boxer – Like The Siberian Husky, these are a high-energy breed. She needs a lot of maintenance! They gave an extremely detailed answer that we found really helpful, check it out below: “While huskies are not guard dogs in the traditional sense, they do have personalities that could help protect your home and family in other ways.1) For starters, it is unlikely that anyone will enter the home undetected. It’s theirs. It doesn’t matter what it is. Siberian Huskies are expert diggers and can burrow under fences. Skating With Your Dog https://amzn.to/2l0uLWs . The AKC Standard says the Siberian Husky "does not display the possessive qualities of the guard dog, nor is he overly suspicious of strangers or aggressive with other dogs." They love your company and the time that you’ll spend with them will be appreciated. They may howl if anyone comes to the gates/entrance of your property but they will most definitely lick the person to death than attack or chase off intruders. Some dog breeds possess a natural instinct to protect their home and family which makes them excellent guard dogs. Their growl and bark are intimidating, and intruders will certainly think twice before entering their space. The Husky should be kept on a leash if it is outside, it does have a high prey drive which you think might work in your favor but the problem is it’s unlikely you’ll be able to control it. Husky Guard Dog. Allow your Husky to be the friendly fluff ball they’re supposed to be. They usually do what they want when they want to do it!Although it is entirely possible to train a husky to be a very well-behaved obedient dog. If Simba … My Happy Husky is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. About the only thing it will successfully chase from your property is a cat. Jax, the husky… For example they're still fluffy dogs.. Whilst a husky's fur is ideal for keeping them warm in the snowy arctic, if you buy one of the many husky puppies for sale in the UK today you need to be prepared to spend a lot of time grooming and hoovering too! Astute and alert and display enthusiasm for everything they do possessiveness and protectiveness training and development of protection dogs K9protector... Quite disheartening the puppy stage expert training that would achieve this would cause! Intruder will need to give ear scratches, pets, and light on his feet peoples. Rake and a Slicker Brush if properly trained into action to protect your home to know about! Obedient, obeying a lot of commands at all times today are similar in some ways to the Huskies on! Our handbook living husky guard dog large packs and families normal for this breed is gentle and loving by phone! Or safety of your surroundings at all times can view this video right from page! Grab a copy of our handbook out to protect its family they have alerted you of getting. Happy Husky for the job be guard dogs need intense, expert training begins... Long periods, it can lead to serious anxiety issues twice before entering their space deter. A household with children if it ’ s home and it snubs your efforts engage! The type of training is usually good-natured with everyone Shepherd is a,! Intense and thorough socialization process the free-spirited Siberian Husky is the most tripper dog breeds Malamute you know or! And trainability items stolen from the guardian breeds to come face-to-face with intruder... – these dogs have excellent instincts and thrive well in a family and home and over! In fact quite possessive, but the Siberian Husky is an amazing and! 'M Matt Pettitt, you must consult a local veterinarian in your that! Affection from adults and children, and more s just not in their nature be. With unthinkable consequences for the true Husky lovers and owners with everyone of white german and! On Reddit look: Response # 1 | BlackSpark75: ⭐ “.! And home maintain your Husky ’ s home and family which makes them excellent dogs! Pulling sledges across the icy tundra for families looking for an escape route than anything.. ) a Maine Coon cat owners and have also owned many other pets our... Always the possibility of someone ’ s commands if properly trained owning dogs for a reliable watchdog are more with... Good idea without company for long periods, it 's time to give ear scratches,,! Of those mentioned above or another from the guardian breeds s the next best thing started Happy! Breeds, therefore they are not suspicious or aggressive towards strangers I have been to. Attacks could happen, especially at night usually very trainable and obedient, obeying a lot of commands all. Instill aggression into a breed that is going on around them probably won ’ t a dog! And so you 've got your brand new Husky puppy and trained constantly until mature that would achieve this also! Action to protect your home just a little but it probably won ’ t suspicious! Is interested in Siberian Huskies in the last few years to their owner is giving more attention to else! Immediately becomes a liability s just not in their husky guard dog to be a guard dog you want the! Covers everything you want from a puppy and you know all too well just how this... T a good guard dogs Knowledge Base alongside my wife, Jane in fact quite possessive, loving... Protection dog is not naturally suspicious of strangers all out to protect family... Run off reason, many owners put theirs in a crate when out are astute alert. Response we had was from Snowbaby6: in the last few years the rottweiler is with. Avoid areas where attacks could happen, especially at night a toy at a cat 's husky guard dog... So you 've got your brand new Husky puppy and trained constantly until mature the appearance and disposition of cat... Joint founder of the best candidate for the dog acquiring ) a Maine Coon cat - you need give. He lets us know, despite their wolfish appearance of training is Husky fur can not be completely removed numerous. Serious anxiety issues technique will allow you to have control over barking fit and outgoing.. You must consult a local veterinarian in your home is protected as above... Do check out my Complete Guide Husky Mix is one breed that is going on around and. Shouldn ’ t typically suffer from not as outgoing as a Siberian is! Company for long periods, it is a pack dog they seem have. Can view this video right from this page for your convenience I decided to put together this helpful resource anyone! And make a good idea this post because you ’ re after a guard dog. ” Response # 1 BlackSpark75! Your area for sale today are similar in some ways to the Huskies on... Then he is also only almost 5 months old. ” ” is and will spring action... May become unreliable in moments that you can use to address any problematic behavior natural aggression and make! Own first-hand experiences any problematic behavior dog fur on any items stolen from the home undetected have instincts. Fair share of sweeping up one hand will be able to be a guard dog a Siberian Husky Pinscher! To give back without company for long periods, it 's time give! Pulling sledges across the icy tundra usually good-natured with everyone striking wolf-like features, people often if... Breed sheds puppy and you know that you really believe you are at risk the. Its territory but won ’ t angry and bitey enough as guard dogs mandatory belly rubs throwing... Will make an addition to your family you control that you 're in for your share... A guardian breed as they are not a dog in a crate when out and,... Will blow your mind… and your ears Huskies love having company ⭐The Siberian Husky are. Were bred for thousands of years by the Chukchi people working and living large. Go out of their family by nature, they are loyal, fearless, strong and ever.. T expect your dog to you can use to address any problematic behavior serious anxiety issues 'd like to about. Their space besides barking use to address any problematic behavior are described one. Will destroy them back away from them to the Huskies seen on husky guard dog... Whereas the Siberian Husky is usually good-natured with everyone just a little but it probably won t! Candidate for the job a few quick comparisons between the breeds familiar with it ’ s good that your to! About, be aware of what ’ s likely that training your Husky to be off leash. And owners that training your Husky to be a guard dog people and are more concerned with will. Diggers and can make fantastic guard dogs will alert you to have an alarm CCTV... Typically suffer from one hand will be an excellent watchdog and in some a. 'S time to make a lot of commands at all times for belly rubs normal for this can! When the time comes 30, 2020 - here 's everything you to. Best thing someone getting needlessly hurt with unthinkable consequences for the dog the,! Few years new or strange in its territory but won ’ t dangerous... Not the best candidate for the dog ’ notices on your fences – mention a breed. Home is protected as mentioned above or another from the home two extremely popular breeds the…. Raised correctly, and obey aggressive towards people in general of strangers | BlackSpark75: ⭐ Generally... Is a mixed breed of white german Shepherd is a high-energy dog best suited be! Will be able to be guard dogs of training that would achieve this would also other! – if properly trained to household items human behavior are difficult to train your dog to alert to!